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Our company mediates some other companies which makes business in crotia. Croatia are on the 1st of july a full member of the EU. They get a lot of benefits from the EU,so it is very interesting for companies outside of the EU which want to make business within of the EU. Here are now some projects.  

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Project Danube (Vukovar / Vienna / SRB)

- Location - Vukovar, HR on the Danube
- Projects on Danube region are involved in a number of countries will have priority during
  EU funding (approval in principle for 50% funding of the project)
- Project implementation in stages
First Stage - processing the raw material wood
   (Procurement along the Danube river) to pallets and biomass energy (resources) from Driftwood and lock cleaning.
Second Stage - construction of a combined heat and Power plant as part of the self-sufficiency and synergy concept of the planned project.
- Economic benefits (thus promoting high) by reducing CO2 compared to trucking. Needs 350   million pallets annually (planned production equivalent to 5% of the market volume) on the Danube to Rotterdam.
- Investment volume including start up:                  € 100 million
- Funding planned:  single investor or fund -         € 30 million
                                                         EU funding -        € 50 million
                                                    KfW financing -         € 20 million

City Point shopping center, Varazdin (Cro)

92.5% secured leases with recycled and so almost exclusively with major international tenants (Super Konzum, H & M, Hervis, Humanic, ...) precious support of Varazdin - especially Mayor Habus, and the JV contract with Messrs. Stipic.
Total investment cost of € 26.5 million  and 9% yield.




scrapyard with shredder plant  

The company's headquarters is in Friuli,Iatly and was two years ago
acquired the Italian family Come li.
Line of business is the reworking of light scrap, car wrecks and
other scrap metals.
The final product (variety E 40) ill be sold to steel mills in the northern Italian market.

Requires purchase price of € 15 million and € 5 million working capital facility.

The Owner would like to cede 75% to the investor and this is professional in handling the scrap business. There is an opinion about the estimated value of the company - worth € 33 million, it is also an opinion from one of Klagenfurt auditor in the worst-case identifies a gross profit of € 22 million at 60% capacity approx. € 13 million, which is in my opinion absolutely on the safe side.


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